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Behind every great idea there is a mind full of passion and courage. Similarly this blog is an outcome of the hardwork and deligence of our whole team.

Being the founder of this blog I feel it as my duty to introduce you to our team.We are a bunch of the law students and professionals working together to bring a change in this society. This blog was built on the idea to provide an avid platform to the young legal researchers to to publicize their creative thoughts and insights.

Our editorial board consists of ace researchers and writers. They have contributed to many highly reputed national and International Law Journals. Thereby depicting their quality and standard of research and writing.


Our technical and creative team always works hard and comes up with beautiful and impeccable outputs that never fails to mesmerize me.

And lastly its me, the founder of this blog. I shamelessly would love to take the credit of bringing together the whole team and creative this wonderful platform.

This platform is still in it's nacent stange and thus we really need your support to take this platform to considerable heights.

-Paras Sharma

Founder and Editor in Chief


Founder and Editor in Chief

Paras K. Sharma 

A young, passionate, and avid learner and researcher working hard to build creative forums for the young minds for their wholesome development. He has a profound interest in Criminal Litigation. Apart from the classroom curriculum, he has vehemently engaged himself in the practical realm. He has interned under some of the eminent lawyers of the country. His research and writings have been recognized by many National and International Journals. His social work and selfless services for the needy cannot be described. He is currently working on two Books highlighting some core issues with the Indian Criminal Law.

Contact: (or)

Founder & Ed-in-Chief

Editorial Panel 

Mr. Tejasvi K. Sareen

He is currently pursuing his LL.M. from Punjabi University, Patiala. He has written around 30 research papers so far which are published successfully in various national-international journals. He is keen to pursue his career in academics. His phenomenal editorial skills cannot be explained in words. we are honored to have him as a senior editor on our panel.


Ms. Rajni Bala 

Ms. Rajni is currently completing her Masters in English from Ramanujan College, University of Delhi. She is profoundly interested in writing and editing. She has assisted the editing process for several books. Her command over the English language is phenomenal. She is our constant guide and motivation. Whenever we fall in any dilemma, she is the one whose inspiring words motivate us. We are glad to have her as an editor on our panel. 

Ms. Simar Arora

Ms. Arora is the smile of our organization. She is currently pursuing her B.COM.LL.B  from Khalsa College of Law, University of Amritsar. She is deeply interested in Corporate and Commercial Laws. we are happy to have her as an editor on our panel. 




Creative team
Social Media Handlers


The work of the people behind the stage is always the most crucial one. We are highly grateful to our creative team and social media handlers for their constant support. without you, this platform would not have taken its shape. 

Creative Team:

Mr. Dipak Kumar


Ms. Kanika Gupta

Social Media Team:

Mr. Prince Sharma

Ms. Pooja Sharma 

Creative team & Social Media Handlers

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