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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Written by: Ms. Palak Tripathi and Mr. Abhishek Verma, Students, C.M.P. Degree College, University of Allahabad, Prayagaraj



Ah! How hilarious that night was! It had shook the nation. One girl and boy were swallowed by that black painted night.

The date was 16 December. Here I m talking about 2012. So a girl and boy went to watch movie so happily.

While coming back home they both took a bus . The bus was empty and there were four persons inside the bus.

They suddenly took the boy’s phone and took the girl into their clutches. She was screaming so louder as much as she could. But no one listened. The boy had become helpless. He was beaten up so badly and was thrown out of the bus. He was bleeding badly.

They all then reached to the girl and raped her so badly.The girl was then taken into the hospital by her friend and she fought for her life very courageously. And hence she was named as “NIRBHAYA”.

Rape- An evil of our society

Yes! I am talking here about the term “RAPE” which is the evil of our society. An evil which is defined as having a carnal intercourse.

‘DELHI’ , Yes, I am talking about our country’s capital. The incident of ‘NIRBHAYA’ had happened there. Earlier felt so proud to call ‘DELHI’ as our capital but yes it has got promotion, yeah , a one word promotion.

Now so sadly and disappointingly our capital Delhi is called as ‘THE RAPE CAPITAL’. How disappointing it is for our country!

Sometimes tears come into my eyes and my soul shivers after remembering this event. And few words come out of my mouth that OH NIRBHAYA! THE BRAVE GIRL OF OUR COUNTRY YOU SUFFERED SO MUCH. For this incident there is a big big salute to that girl’s soul and yes also a very big shameful bow to our capital city Delhi.


Rape cases are doubled in India in the last 17 years. In India , rape is reported every 15 minutes. It’s stats is so high, and this is so disappointing for our country.

NCRB has reported 34,000 rape cases in India in 2018. And this rate has increased. This crime rate has increased by 100,000 women by 58.8 percent in our country.

Various Cases

There are various cases as such Nirbhaya's one. In our country none is safe. Not a girl child is safe and neither a old woman.

Sometimes a question comes in my mind that there are rapists in our country who rape a 6 months old girl child also. That child don’t know even to walk. What can we expect from our country? Can it be ever counted in a developed nation?

If we look at the condition of our country the answer is 'NO'. For getting counted in a well developed nation, it is very crucial to throw this evil out of our country. To safe the Chastity and dignity of every woman is very important.

There are various cases. There is a UNNAO GANG RAPE CASE[1], a girl was kidnapped and was raped brutally for about 9 days. How much lust these evil have ! Shame on yourself. Sometimes the heart screams, please go away yourself and let our nation be developed.

There is chastisement for these rapists but sometimes the justice delays but yes it is never denied.

As such there are many more rape cases. There is case of PRIYANKA REDDY also . She was a doctor and was raped in Hyderabad. The rapist was encountered.

Socially the encounter was right but it was a matter of shame for our judiciary.

As such there are many rape cases such as KATHUA RAPE CASE[2], in which a girl of 8 years was brutally raped and murdered in Kathua. Her name was Asifa Bano. The rapists were sentenced to life.

Legal aspect

Laws are made to protect this evil. It’s primary motive is to protect women from any physical injury and so that men also from causing such injuries. The concept of this evil was so narrow in the earlier time but now it has become a subject to be concerned upon.

It is a subject to be so focussed upon. It is really a very sensitive subject. So for protecting this evil rape law came into the existence.

Earlier , it was practiced too but not that much. Rape laws meant for protecting somebody's property. It didn’t focus upon the point where a wife was forced to perform sexual activities with her husband.

There are various complaints regarding rape laws. As it is usually said that in the traditional time these laws were focussed upon women only. This seemed a sort of discrimination.

It was considered to be partial. But now we have laws for men also. It was discriminatory against women also. As in the earlier times, women wearing modest dresses were protected only .

It was not realised that every woman should be treated equal. But now decision makers keep all points in their mind. In this way in today’s time everyone is independent, either men or women. They all have their own rights which our law protects .

Because of the existence of law the victims are able to move to court for their rights.

This was possible only because of the judicial system we have. Today in our country justice is prevailing. Law is superior and none is superior than it. We are bound by laws and it is so mandatary for us to follow them.

If we look upon the case of Nirbhaya we agree to the point very truly that justice was delayed but not denied. But one point is still to be focussed upon that this case was so highlighted one.

There are many cases in our country which are still left unseen. If this much delay happened in the case which was so highlighted and burnt the nation up then what about the cases which are not even given a single glimpse. They have to be really focusses upon a lot.

The law makers have made the laws but they have left some loop holes through which rapists get benefitted. It is very important to fill the loophole.

And the judiciary needs to be faster. The rapists should not be left. They are needed to be chastised. Not chastised but timely chastisement should be given.

One important point is that the legal aspects of rape are defined in five points. It is considered primarily with forcible rape.

The purpose of rape law, the punishment for forcible rape, the elements of the offense, evidentiary issues, practical concerns for enforcement. Our law is supreme.

The truth never goes in vain. It can be tensed but can never loose Our judiciary also focusses upon the point of SATYAMEVA JAYATE.


Various laws but still late. Why is this so? It should not be done. If we talk about the girl.Nirbhaya , what was her crime? Her crime was nothing.

She simply went outside late night. No this is not a crime. There is problem in the eyes of the people. She was so courageous . Hats off to her courage.

Our heart says to this immortal soul , to Nirbhaya that, No girl you were not an object. Your courage shook the nation up. You are such a strong soul. Being alive you were a courageous human being girl. You have become an inspiration for all of us. Dear you got justice finally on 20 March 2020.

Oh! Dear Courageous , your soul is immortal. You live as an inspiration in everyone’s hearts. The girls’s parents too fought boldly. They wanted that the accused should get such a rigorous punishment.

Those men did a heinous crime and so their punishment must be. Her parents must have prayed for the justice of Nirbhaya. So the result came. Those cruel men got the punishment for their karma.

Her mother and father went door to door. They can be compared with a traveller who searches for water in a dry area. They had become a traveller and were getting a glimpse of justice in the form of mirage.

And Yes I would also like to share a nice quote on traveller. It is very well said that



Ah! It has been a struggle of 7 years. The girl, an immortal soul got justice.

The concept of SATYAMEVA JAYATE has been proved true. Finally, the justice to this girl has given on 20 March 2020. All those convicts hanged till death.

There are many those who get the advantage of laws while the delay of justice. This is due to the loopholes in the law. But no issue because TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS. SATYAMEV JAYATE PROVED TO BE TRUE, YOU GOT JUSTICE A LITTLE BIT DELAY BUT NOT DENIED.

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