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Publication Policy

© Copyrighted Material! Contact the publisher for permissions.

The “L” Word blog publishes blogs on various contemporary legal issues of National/International importance. Following is the publication policy of the blog. Submission of blogs shall be presumed as made after due consideration to the policy by the author (s).

Open Access Statement

The “L” Word Blog is committed to open access for academic work. All the blogs published on the blog are freely accessible to all the readers across the globe.

Electronic Submission

The blogs shall be submitted in MS word document format through electronic submission via this form: 

(Link to the submission form)  (the link redirects to google forms) 

Original and Unpublished Work

All the submissions of blogs should be original and must not be simultaneously published or under consideration anywhere. Every submission of blogs shall be subjected to plagiarism check on the contents of the manuscript.

The author (s) shall not simultaneously submit the blogs anywhere else, while their blog is under consideration by the editors of The “L” Word Blog. However, in the event of rejection, this limitation shall stand terminated.


Please note that simultaneous submissions are an insult and disrespect to the efforts and hard work of te editor board. Thus we strictly condemn it.   

Copyright policy

The copyright of the published blogs shall vest with The “L” Word Blog. Credits are always given to the authors. The Publisher has the right to publish the accepted manuscript by the author (s) on its own website or anywhere else, after giving due credits to the author(s).

Copy-pasting any published blog material by any third party is strictly prohibited by default. Due permissions are required to be taken from the Editor-in-chief for any desired use (after giving due credits to the author (s)) by any person.  

Disclaimer policy

The views expressed in the blogs are those of individual authors and not of any member of the Editorial Board of The “L” Word Blog. The authors shall be solely responsible for all claims, suits, damages etc. in case any infringement of third-party rights or plagiarism or unauthorized use or like.

The L Word Blog cannot and does not provide any sort of legal advice. Nothing in the blog should be construed as legal advice. If you have a legal problem, please consult a lawyer in your jurisdiction.


We shall not disclose any personal information of the author (s) [address, mobile number, social media, email id etc.] to any third party without taking due permission from the author (s). All requests for contact information should be addressed to the editorial board via email at If the author (s) deny the permission, such information shall not be disclosed and the request shall stand terminated.


All queries can be addressed to the editorial board at or by filling the contact form given below.

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